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29 Theatres with some 5'000 Employees


Within the Union of Swiss Theatres there are 29 member theatres with a total of roughly 2,700 full-time and 2,300 part-time employees. Of these, there are 16 and 13 operations in the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland respectively. Over a period of, on average, nine months, 24 theatres prepare and put on a diverse range of their very own productions in music, dance and spoken theatre for the public. They can preside over permanent or – from time to time – newly assembled ensembles made up of professional artists, and also technical backstage staff and administration personnel. Usually these operations possess their own workshops - capable of building their own sets and stage design; and their own studios – where they can produce costumes and props etc. The other six theatres are theatre venues. They offer an attractive yearly program of features from theatre companies, travelling theatres and artists from Switzerland, but also from other European countries and indeed the world.


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