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The Union of Swiss Theatres UST (Schweizerischer Bühnenverband) is an association classed as per article 60 of the civil code. The Union unifies all the theatres affiliated to it in German-speaking Switzerland. The theatres of the francophone areas of Switzerland are part of the Union des Théâtres Romands (UTR), which is an independent group associated with the UST. The main organs of the UST are:


The General Assembly

This comprises of the executive board and the committee members and honorary members of the UST. This is the voting body of the organisation, it approves the annual report of the president and decides on statute changes.


The Executive Board

The board is made up of the artistic and commercial directors of the member theatres. It specifically decides on the accession of new members, the budget and the annual financial statements, the UST’s programme of activity, as well as the political, legal social and various other questions and issues which are submitted to it by the committee.


The Committee

This consists of the president, two vice-presidents – one from both the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland - the managing director, a syndic, as well as members elected by the executive board and a representation from the Union des Théâtres Romands. It is the leading organ of the UST which prepares business for the executive board meeting of members and also deals with questions given to it from these bodies.


The Administration Office

This is run by the managing director, and processes all the business connected with the UST bodies, as well as the day-to-day duties of the Union. These tasks include administration, organisational work, public relations and documentation processing.


The Syndic

The syndic is an independent lawyer elected by the executive board, who advises the UST on all relevant legal matters.


The Audit Division

This has two auditors appointed by the general assembly belonging to it. They check the annual financial statements of the UST and provide the executive board with financial reports and proposals.


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