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Union des théâtres romands (UTR)

This is the French-speaking section of the SBV, and it covers eleven theatres.


Verband Schweizerischer Berufsorchester (VESBO)

The VESBO brings together eleven of the most prominent professional orchestras of Switzerland - of which eight play in the local member theatres of the SBV.


Schweizerischer Bühnenkünstlerverband (SBKV)

The SBV has had a collective bargaining agreement with the SBKV since 1982. This governs the legal relationship between the SBV’s affiliated theatres and their artist personnel.


Schweizer Verband technischer Bühnenberufe (SVTB)

The technical, specialist craft knowledge of the theatres is very much affiliated with this organisation, and it serves as a contact person for education, further training and also for technical questions relating to stagecraft.


Dachverband der Urheber- und Nachbarrechtsnutzer (DUN)

This organisation primarily deals with the interests of those dealing in copyright law, and the law concerning the respective interests of neighbours. It also unites private and public institutions of Switzerland, and the principality of Liechtenstein.



The Internationale Theater Institut is a world wide network acting under the auspices of UNESCO and represents the interests of people working in theatre in 89 different countries. 23 Swiss organisations belong to it, as it works to promote cross-border cooperation.


Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

The SBV works with this organisation, as well as several other Swiss high schools and colleges/universities teaching in theatre, music and dance, in cities such as Basel, Berne, Lucerne and Zurich.


Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der Universität Bern

This institute dedicates itself to the teaching and study of theatrical science. This consists of the history and theory of the theatre, as well as dramaturgy and performance analysis. And it also produces specialist literature on the subject.





Performing Arts Employers Association League Europe (Pearle)

This umbrella organisation covers 30 national employers’ associations, music-, spoken- and dance theatre, and has 250,000 producers, directors, artists, technicians and various other personnel as members. It handles issues of ownership copyright and employment law, whilst also taking care of its international base.


Deutscher Bühnenverein (DBV)

The DBV is the association of professional theatres in Germany, and encompasses 430 members – principally city and national theatres, opera houses, state theatre companies, private theatres, symphony orchestras and publically owned broadcasting stations


Theatererhalterverband österreichischer Bundesländer und Städte

This organisation unifies theatres in the Austrian provinces (except Vienna). Address: Promenade 39, A-4010 Linz, Tel. 0043 732 7611 114, Fax 0043 732 7611 333 (Landestheater Linz)


Wiener Bühnenverein

This organisation represents 13 Viennese spoken and music theatres in addition to the Staatsoper, the Volksoper, the Burgtheater, the Theater in der Josefstadt, the Vereinigte Bühnen Wiens, and more.


Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutschsprachiger Theater (IADT)

This organisation comprises of the Union of Swiss Theatres, the Deutsche Bühnenverein (German Union of theatres), the Theatererhalterverband österreichischer Bundesländer und Städte (The Theatre Sustainer Association of Provinces and Cities in Austria), as well as the Wiener Bühnenverein (Viennese Union of Theatres), in which they work together on the issues of copyright and theatre in general.



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