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We Promote Swiss Theatre


The Union of Swiss Theatres (UST) is an umbrella group for the most prominent, subsidized professional theatres in Switzerland. Its main purpose is to act in support of these theatres’ interests by: protecting the cultural diversity of Swiss theatre; safeguarding their fundamental existence; promoting their artistic output; and also to promote communication between the theatres themselves, between the different language regions of Switzerland and also between the worlds of culture, theatre and politics.


The UST deals with the artistic, organisational, cultural, political and legal questions of the day affecting the theatres. Typically, this involves the exchange of ideas concerning the planning of plays and the advised involvement of certain legislative procedures, and also taking lead-ership concerning the administrational and general operations in the interests of its member theatres.


Furthermore, the UST manages the education - and further education – of the artistic and artistic/technical professions, as well as the commercial personnel of the theatre; and also it tries to improve organisational structures as well as the relationships between legal entities and the individual theatre management.


As an employers’ association, the UST agrees to collective bargaining agreements over the artist-personnel with the trade unions, and works with these unions and with the arbitrating courts and the other bodies supporting the agreements. Some of these other bodies the Union negotiates with are collecting societies and play rights owners/publishers; negotiating over fees, the fee conditions and the use of copyright and ancillary copyright.


The UST is also involved in other associations, particularly on an international level, as part of the Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe (PEARLE) and as part of the Internationalen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutschsprachiger Theater (IADT or the international syndicate of German-speaking theatres).


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